• St Geneve Travel Pillowcase

St Geneve Travel Pillowcase




Take the comfort of home wherever you go. This 16″ x 20″ pillow folds up into its small carry bag for easy packing. It is the perfect size for placing on top of hotel pillows. It is known that you will sleep better in familiar surrounding and your own pillow is a great companion. The pillowcase and/or pillow are easily machine washed and dried. The cover of the pillow is made of dust mite proof pure 100% cotton.

Included is a standard pillow case in solid sateen in ivory or white.


100% cotton pillow case


We strongly recommend using a St Genève pillow protector because it will decrease the need to wash the pillow as often.

If you prefer to have your pillow professionally cleaned, choose a reputable cleaning establishment that has extensive experience with down pillow cleaning.

Wash regular, standard, and queen pillows as pairs, wash king pillows individually.

Use a pure, gentle soap; do not bleach.

Use medium temperature water at the maximum water level with an extra rinse cycle.

If water is left in the pillow after the extra rinse cycle, squeeze out the excess water.


Machine dry pillows individually at medium temperatures.

After the first drying cycle, pull apart any clumps that have formed. Use a tumble dry setting for the following dry cycle.

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